Friday, September 17, 2010

Dream job

After a long period of under-employment and struggling, both DH and I have gotten jobs within the past two weeks.  And, for both of us, they're those sorts of jobs that we both put as dream jobs as kids but, as adult responsibilities and expectations piled up, we put aside for more practical work.  Ironically those same adult responsibilities (mostly in the form of needing food and shelter) unexpectedly threw us each right into our secret dream jobs.  How cool is that?

DH will be working as a security guard.  In his mind, they're the heros who uncover the huge plot and save the day.  He doesn't watch the same shows I do - in mine, they're the red shirts who're the first to go when paranormal activity crops up or the bad guys need to cover their tracks.  Oh, well, since the reality is that he'll be guarding the security monitors and occasionally walking in circles around the building, I figure it won't hurt him to let him write his own script.  And I'm very excited about the decidedly attractive uniform he'll be wearing.  There's just something about a man in uniform!  Since he'll also start his work at a church while he's working the security job, he'll actually be multi-classing warrior/cleric which equals a paladin.  He's very geekily excited about that.

As for me, I just got a call back today and I'm officially a Disney Cast Member!  I'll be working at one of the new, redesigned Disney Stores (not the parks, yet) and have a cast pin and everything.  I'm ridiculously excited about this.  Right now I'm just seasonal but with a good chance of moving up to part-time.  I'm a massive Disney dork so this is just beyond all imagination for me.  I'm a cast member.  A CAST member!  Only Imagineers and artists outrank cast members, in my book.  And I'll get to spread the pixie dust on people on a daily basis and help people plan their Disney vacations and just make the whole world a tiny bit more magical.  How totally awesome is that?

It's funny because, without this recession and several tough collisions of events, neither of us would have even looked into these jobs - after all, the pay isn't that great and we're both working towards "higher" callings (him, ministry, me, academia) - but because of those frustrations we HAD to look.  Nothing else was working out.  And ... here we are.  In jobs we love with all the excitement of childhood dreams.  How cool and unexpected!