Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wake up little blog

After two years of having limited internet access, we're finally back in the online world! And some days I just need a place that's not a message board to share a bit of life or rant about something (keep those to a minimum, I promise!) or show off my sewing stuff or whatever.

Plus I just discovered the craft swaps on Dear heavens those are addicting. Four down and I'm stalking the site at a ridiculous rate of refreshes to see if any good swaps are starting. No, seriously, I almost joined the apron swap and I never use the single apron I already have. It's sad. So anyway, I need another place to show off the goodies I've made and the ones I've received and it might as well be here. Plus, hey, it might encourage me to sew a bit more. My poor machines have been crying from disuse.

So, if you stop by, welcome back! I'll dust off the chairs for you and make up a new pot of sweet tea! Which, by the way, is AMAZING in a mix of half tea, half milk. Not healthy, by very, very good. Here, try some!