Tuesday, December 04, 2007

January's Theme

I'm stuck. I have NO idea what to put up as the options for January's Friday themes. Do you have any ideas?

Just to help guide, my plan for the month is to spend my normal 15 hours a week up at the Church getting the kiddo program whipped into shape, start working on my SWAP, and finish up all the class work that my current professors have so graciously agreed to let me turn in late thanks to missing an entire month with this stupid sinus infection. So that's how I'll be occupying myself. I'll probably offer "swap item of the week" as an option, though we'll see if I can keep up with the bargain there. I'm not the fastest seamstress ... but if I really want to complete the SWAP that's not a bad pace to set, especially with another semester lurking. Anyway, so far that's the only option I have to give you. Do you have any ideas? Hm, maybe creative ethnic dish of the week. Or ... hm. Nope, out of ideas. Time to use yours. :)

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