Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas goodies

I'll post pics once my camera and camera cord are in the same state (sigh). But it was a good Christmas for sewing goodies. I haven't spent much time with the in-laws so they were happy to have some hobby to latch onto for gift-giving purposes. Additionally, DH's paternal grandparents both passed away this year (very, very expected but still sad) and I was given a number of his grandmother's old sewing items. Those, of course, were extra special gifts.

Anyway, the short list of new goodies that I can't wait to play with
- Kit for a simple, beautiful purse, put together by MIL. She did a great job. :)
- Vintage McCall pattern for, of all things, a gingerbread house. Made from ginger bread. Must scan and post picture.
- Sewing scissors and thimble broach, from DH's late grandmother.
- Sew Simple magazine for Dec/Jan. Nice magazine, though I see why Threads is the more popular. Still, some great little projects in it.
- Patternmaking book from my parents. Very helpful!
- Clear ruler and collection of fabric marking pens and pencils from good friend. I'm always loosing my pens so that was extra appreciated!

Unfortunately a cold has knocked me out a bit. More time to look through the goodies but no energy to do much with them. Sigh. Lots of orange juice, chicken soup, and tea and I should be better this weekend! Just in time for classes to start up. I'll miss being on break!


Becky said...

That's great that your MiL was able to put together a purse kit! And I definitely want to see that gingerbread house.

shawna said...

What fun things! I am jealous. ALl that I have exciting in my sewing room is a gigantic mess to clean up.
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Marita said...

Alicia, Happy New Year!!! (of course this comes a bit belated) Hope all your plans and dreams come thru this year:-)

I'm putting up 2 mags for adoption, one Patrones jan.-09 and La Mia Boutique jan. -09, if you fancy either let me know, put a message in my blog and we'll see how it goes on wednesday, good luck!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a wonderful christmas!