Monday, February 02, 2009

Break for Crochet

(very much not me)

I've really been enjoying all the sewing the SWAP is forcing me to do but homework's began to pile up. In college, during a reading-intensive semester, I learned to crochet while reading so I decided to do something yarn-related as my SWAP jacket. Found a couple nice patterns last Friday and picked up some appropriate yarn on Saturday and started crocheting! After a few false starts I settled on this short sleeved jacket and started!

So far I've made it through the shoulders, which is more than I usually managed. I tend to get quickly bored while crocheting though reading while doing it helps a lot. It's a really basic lace motif that, once I got it down, meant I could stash the rather confusing directions and just go with it. So far I like result fairly well ... I'm not using the exact yarn they recommend, mostly because I forgot everything but the recommended oz by the time I got to Michael's and so just went by that and my favorite colors. I did find a gorgeous, slightly variegated dark green that'll look great with everything in the SWAP so yay to that. However I forgot that I tend to be a tight crocheter and the yarn isn't draping like the picture. I'm hoping that the weight of the whole thing will cause drapiness but, at the moment, it's a little bunchy and stiff. So we'll see. The good thing is that if it fails out I really haven't lost anything. It's forced me to plow through some reading assignments so if that's all I get out of it that's fine. Still, I wouldn't mind a pretty wrap. :)


Sharon said...

You crochet too?!? I'm jealous. I've always wanted to learn but just never quite picked it up. That sweater is going to be wonderful!

Becky said...

Pretty much the best I can do with crocheting is to buy crocheted-looking fabric and chop it up. Good luck with your wrap! (And your schoolwork.)

Morzel: said...

this is one beautiful pattern! I´d love to sew something like this up (as I didn´t learn needlework)!