Sunday, June 21, 2009

That's ... not good.

So we're eating and chatting with friends last night at our place and I notice the one nice picture we have (most are just my own pics printed off at Target and slapped in Ikea frames) has condensation inside the glass. Hm. Go over, pull it off the wall and notice the back cardboard is severely damp. Hm again. Pull the next picture off the wall and ... wow. MOLD on the back. And pull another, more mold, and another ... in all four picture frames with mold on the back and another half dozen that were badly water damaged. What in the world?

Now everyone's gathered around the wall and one notices that when you touch it, it bends in easily. Not normal at all. And it's warm right where all the water damage happened, while the rest of the wall is nice and cool. Hm.

Our building apparently had some "quality" issues when built and water damage has been a bit of a constant for some rooms, but it's always been the windows that were the issue. Not interior walls. And this is definitely interior. But tracing it back, we did notice a few small things right after the big rainstorm a week ago, so it fits. But wow. Our apartment manager and a building guy (not sure official function) came by today after we sent him an email and from how he reacted it seems this is a new problem to add to his already long list of problems with the building's, well, building. Since, you know, storing water in walls isn't really a good idea. At least not this type of storage.

So tomorrow maintenance is coming by and odds are we'll be partially wall-less by the time they're done. Sigh. And we're just a few weeks from moving out, too. Oh, well... life! Guess I should make sure my fabric is nice and stored away from flying whatever that's behind that wall!


BConky said...

At least you'll be moving out soon. Yuck- mold.

Keely said...

Yuk! We had the same problem in my son's bedroom which had the bathroom on the other side. Only I found it by putting my hand through the wall as I washed it. Whilst it was getting fixed it was a huge mess.We also had to remove everything from the room and all the soft furnishings before they took the wall out because of toxic black mould worries.

Alicia said...

Keely wins for gross way to find out! Ick! So sorry you had to deal with this yourself! So hoping there's no black mold here, though DH and I are both paying close attention to any symptoms we might have and trying to keep the air circulating. Sigh.