Thursday, January 10, 2008

Simplicity's Early Spring Line

It's like Christmas with all the new patterns coming out! So let's look at Simplicity and see what's hot and what's not. Unlike with the McCall's like the problem this time isn't with narrowing down my favorites but with coming up with five I liked. This particular line isn't horrendous, it's just ... eh. The kind that, five minutes after I close the window, I have trouble remembering.

But when has that ever stopped me from commenting?

So let's look at what's hot (or at least lukewarm) and what's not


#5 - S3510

A very cute, very easy summer dress for the little girl in your life. Ignoring that red and white item, isn't that green dress one that just looks like daisies and long summer days and lime pop-sickles from the ice cream man? You could make up a half-dozen incarnations with various fabrics, sleeves, and trims, and no one would be the wiser. Cute, cute.

#4 - 2995

I'm seriously considering holding a sewing class on campus. A sweet lady's been giving new Bernedettes to anyone who asks so I figure that, for once, everyone who wants to learn to sew can without me having to have my own arsenal of machines. If I do then we'll have an intro class (this is called a sewing machine ... this is a needle...), a beginning sewing class using one of the earlier released PR patterns, and then an advance beginners class with this one. Why this pattern? Not because it's terribly fantastic ... but it's got sleeves, a zipper, and two darts, all of which are good second steps along the sewing way and yet they're in a very simple, easy to fit dress. Plus the students should already be familiar with the very slightly different way PR patterns give their yardage requirement and layout instructions so why rock the boat. I also love how there's just such a positive "can do" attitude with these PR patterns. The variations are wonderful and really make it possible that the new sew-ers will come away with a dress they'll actually wear. So it gets on my hot list.

#3 - 3503

The more I look at this the more I like it. I mean it's like a jack-of-all-patterns; there's that cute duro-esque day dress with the kimono sleeves, that hot red cocktail dress that needs a stunner of a necklace, and that glamorous 30s style long dress with the wide shoulders that just screams red carpet. I like it. Not love it but, for this line, like is good enough to get it on the hot list.

#2 - 3502

I LOVE the Grecian goddess version there. I think it needs a drapier fabric and more gathers but the overall idea is beautiful. Not sure I could wear that style but I'd be very willing to try.

#1 - 2996

I love these shirt dresses and I swear I'll get around to making one sometime this year. The blue version is so sleak and chic and I like the 50s vibe the two longer ones are giving off. The pink version's the only one I'm not feeling. Dropped waists and gatered skirts really should be outlawed on anyone over the age of 9. But that's the only misstep in this pattern and and easy one to ignore with the two other skirt option.

Top 5 Nots coming up soon!

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Anabolina said...

I agree, most of the patterns were forgetable. I bought the #1 and #3 on your list and that's about it.