Friday, April 11, 2008

Next on the Sewing Agenda


I have a lot of things I SHOULD make but this would just be pure joy to try. It's Susan's "farewell to Narnia" dress from Prince Caspian, coming out on May 15th. I just love the look of the dress ... or at least the look of the top. Unfortunately this is the only picture of this dress so everything below the elbow is a mystery. There's a lot of chatter over on about the skirt and lower sleeves and really, any of the guesses could be right.

My guess? Look on.

Yes, it's a bit Pirates of the Carribean extra-ish, but I suspect it'll look better when made up in bright, crisp fabrics. I'm working on some technical sketches and such and will get back soon (really!) with some progress!


Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful! And bonus, you can wear it on pirate day at the ren faire. :*) She's low on clevage in the picture, though, you'll have to fix that if you're wearing it to the faire. :*)

Is your DH going to be the hot Caspian? - Katie

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up with the Narniaweb chatter on it and I've liked the different ideas both you and NZ_Jackie have put forward. I think I like her small sleeves a little better but that's more my preference than any criticism of your drawing. It'll be neat to see who's closest to right. What patterns will you be using?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Not sure if you posted this before the movie came out, but they show plenty of full shots in the movie if you go see it.

There is actually no waistline, and the trim goes straight down the front to the bottom of the dress. It has splits that show the underdress on the bottom, as well. The sleeves are fitted to the elbow and then poof out down to the the trim at the wrists. It's stunning...go see the movie so you can see the whole thing!! (I'm drooling over it too)