Saturday, April 05, 2008

(House) Planning for the Future

Since DH and I are currently stuck in an apartment we'll occasionally go to some site like and dream a bit. I'm especially a fan of these cheap dates since, for a brief bit in high school, I seriously considered going into architecture. I took all three drafting classes my school offered, loved them, and nearly got a job with an architectural firm near the school. In the end, though, it just wasn't quite what I wanted to do with life. Though there's always those background "what ifs." But back on topic, I still enjoy looking at house plans and mentally playing with them like I toy with patterns.

Tonight in one of our little house plan dates DH and I found a plan that's strangely growing on me. It's got everything we want, it's just not exactly your normal plan. But then we're not exactly you're normal people, so I guess it works. :)

Here's the plan (found on under staff picks):

Isn't it ... unique? Since I'm really not a fan of the costal style I'd like to make it more English country cottage on the outside and DH has claimed the tower as his "wizards tower" study. So remove the balcony and put a few subtle castle-y details on it. I love the large, open kitchen with lots of counter space (so different from our current cramped kitchen), the upstairs laundry room, and not-too-large master bedroom. We'd turn bedroom 2 into a sewing room (nice and close to laundry) and bedroom 3 DH wants to use as a chapel. We'll keep bedroom 4 ready for guests. That should give ALL of us room to breath. Though there's always the chance of renting it out, especially if we're close to whatever college I'm teaching at. We're keeping our imaginary options open there. :) I'd definately want a basement for storage. The basement stairs would go right under the other stairs. DH wants to use a hidden door to get to it, maybe a sliding bookcase or something. I think it sounds fun. We might put a media room down there for, you know, all those movies we watch. I think I'm giving us a dream life along with a dream house but, well, it's fun.

So, thanks for dreaming with me. :)


Anonymous said...

Fun plan. I'd totally come visit you at that house. And watch movies with you, and live in your guest house and eat all your gormet meals. I mean, I'm in you're dream too, right? J/K of course. Though it would be fun.

Love the balcony on the second floor - I can see you having a whole bunch of potted plants and a hot tub up there. - Katie

Alicia said...

Katie - oooh, good idea with the hot tub. Though I'd kill off those plants within a few weeks. Yesterday I had to pull up those garlic cloves I'd planted - they were beyond dead. And rotted garlic doesn't smell very good, trust me.

And of course you're invited! Our biggest problem will be settling down long enough to build and enjoy something like this. I get antsy after three years in a place. You understand. :)