Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sewing Videos Online

Just thought I'd start putting all those videos I find online into a neatly organized section on the blog so I (and others!) can find them again. Because it's so annoying to spend 20 minuets googling that video when all you remember about it was that it was about sewing and absolutely fabulous.

Singer Sewing Company quicktime videos. - Lots of short videos on how to use their feet. Since one manufacturer's feet look like another's, useful to anyone who has a machine.

Threads Videos - Quicktime and Realtime. Good videos on pressing (by GorgeousThings!), a tour of a fabric store, knit neckline bindings, and a video showing Pancho Martinez do amazing embroidery with just a zigzag machine. It's not something I'll be doing any time soon (especially after watching how close his fingers get to that unguarded needle!!) but it's pure inspiration and eye candy.

That's it for now, I'll get more up later!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of getting all the online videos listed in one place. Do you think you'll make a more detailed list when you have time? If you have time? How's that paper for Greek going? :) - Kate

Everyday Sewist said...

I have a family friend who used to be a professional seamstress. During a recent visit, she borrowed my bottom-of-the-line Kenmore and tried to show me how to do embroidery with it. I think she got her fingers within a couple of mm of the needle. I think she even took off the foot so she could get closer. It made me nervous watching her!