Monday, March 24, 2008

Simplicity Summer of 08

Hot off the presses and (even better) 99c at Joann's this weekend, Simplicity's Summer offerings.  Overall I liked this line.  Yes, there are a lot of bags posing as garments with various details but, well, that's the style.  Besides, after seeing so many I think they're growing on me.  Dangerous, I know.

So let's look at the looks I'll be adding to my collection and what looks really should be avoided, 99c sale or not.


*crickets chirp* 

You know, no matter how hard I look I can't find any actual garment travesties in this group.  There are some I won't be adding (specifically anything with square necks or for children) but none that I can really hate.  At least in the garment devision.  However in the craft division....

A pattern for a clown.  I HATE clowns.  Scary, creepy, twisted things.  I've never really liked clowns but then there was that time at Busch Gardens when a mutant undead clown chased me through a whole forest of limping, grasping, hideous undead clowns ... I'm totally scared for life.

Bad pattern for making me relive those nightmares.  Ick.

Onto much happier thoughts...
So Hot, So Mine

1. S2941

If you know me, you know costumes are my weakness.  After all, a good, historically accurate costume just doesn't go out of style.  And they're so much more fun to wear than everyday stuff.  Sadly there just haven't been many good patterns released recently.  So it's good to see Simplicity and Andrea Schewe (my favorite designer) releasing at least this one pattern.  It's something!  And it's a something I think my husband would highly appreciate.  :)  I really like all the different pieces in the pattern though I wish they'd stop using those barbie dolls for the front and back views and switch to the nice basic line drawings they use for all their other patterns.  It's hard to see the details with those dolls.

4.  S2938

I really like the dress in this pattern, it's got that easy-breezy black dress look with just a nod to current trends with the gathered neckline.  And it's got a size zipper!  I so prefer those over back zippers as they're much easier to reach to zip up.  I always have trouble contorting myself just right to zip up those last three inches with back zippers.  In regards to the rest of the pattern, I can't say I'm a fan of the boxy hobbit jacket with just the single button.  I really don't get why I'd want a jacket with sleeves too short to keep my arms warm and a front that gapes open giving me a cold tummy.  Plus, as a pear I really don't need that tent like line making my hips look even bigger.  So a pass on that one.  The pants look nice but as pants and I don't get along I'd rather that they'd included a skirt.  Oh well.  Still, I'll buy it for the dress and that's enough for me.

3 S2940

I'm a fan of all things kimono at the moment.  It started with sewing one up for a friend's wedding present and then another and then one for myself and then, well, it kind of went from there.  I love how, with the right fabrics, one pattern can be a shirt, a jacket, a cool weekend robe, a sexy geisha robe, and, I'm sure, much more.  While I'm really pleased with the pattern I've morphed beyond recognition into my own creation, that doesn't keep me from wanting a whole slew of similar patterns to draw details from.  In this particular case I really like the sleeves and the boxy and potentially authentic lines.  And just look at that skirt!  Is it really a high waisted wrap skirt with just a hint of an obi?  I so want.

2.  S2927's getting to me, I love this pattern in part because it has pockets. I didn't used to have a thing for pockets. The buttoned collar is a great detail, giving it a nice 60s vibe and all the graceful lines look like they add nice shaping. I also like the short little sleeves, though it's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name of that style. It'll come to me. Overall it's a cute little summer dress that would look ever so chic with wedge sandals and a kitschy necklace and it should whip up in an afternoon of easy sewing. What's not to love?

And my favorite and the one I vote most likely to make the Best Patterns of 08 list...

1. S2923

Shirt dresses take a little extra work in construction but pay off so well. They've got a forever-chic look and blend professionalism with comfort. Fantastic. This one is an especially good version. I love the flattering princess seam, the pencil and aline skirt options, the buttons that stop a little below the waist (buttonholes are a pain on my machine so the less the better), the graceful back yoke, the gathers, the many sleeve options, and, best of all, the mandarin collar. I think my asian side is showing. The asian side gained from living in asian neighborhoods, not through any bloodline. Sadly my body is pure western european with all the difficult to fit curves that come with it. But back to the shirt dress, I can so see making that up in three or four versions for throwing on for classes next semester. So easy and so chic.


So, what was your favorite pattern from this collection? Any you thought should have gotten nixed at the drawing board?


Keely said...

Hmmm. I agree with you on the clown - blech! Too cutesy for me. It reminds me of all the patterns my mother keeps trying to foist on me, shudder.
The others are all nice. I'm not a dress or skirt type person but I like the top from 2938. I agree about the jacket. If it's cold enough for me to wear one, I want proper sleeves.

Anonymous said...

(shudder) another clown hater here. I could have done without those rag quilts but my sister loves them so what can you do? I am with you on wanting more costumes. We need to talk about Scarborough Faire this year, too. You going?

Love the term "hobbit jackets." That's totally what they look like. - Kate

Anonymous said...

Oh, love the kimono pattern. Did you get it at the sale last weekend? How is it?

I need to make up a robe for myself - the only one I have is an old, natty chenille robe for winter. I saw a cotton one at Anthropologie last weekend and thought it looked really crisp for summer - but also thought I'd rather make it myself than be stuck with their prints at their prices.


Alicia said...

Keely, I think I know the patterns your mom's trying to give you - my mom gave me the same ones. Mostly christmas ornaments, though. I remember thinking that if I wanted anything that tacky I'd just pay $3 and buy one made by children in sweatshops at Target. Or I would bypass the tacky all together. So far I've gone with the second option. :)

Kate - email me 'bout Scarbourough, I totally want to go! Haven't had time to make any new garb this year, though. Sad!

Jennifer - I bought the robe and hopefully I'll get a chance to review it before the end of the millennia! It's made like a real kimono, lots of straight lines, 18" wide pieces, and no shoulder seams. The skirt was slightly disappointing, at least at this point. It's just a standard wrap with a slightly high waist and ties that wrap about 1" below the top. But I might pull out some ugly fabric and see how it looks made up. It's not like it would take a lot of time!