Saturday, May 31, 2008

Progress update

Well, my pledge to sew a little every day has worked out well. So far I've made sexy elf garb for the ren faire (and wore it) and I'm nearly done with a beautiful though fiddly robe for a friend. I'm also getting ready to make the prototype I-Spy bag for our church and have the stuff for half a dozen more once I get the dimensions and methods right. And buy better fabric than I had in my stash. Unfortunately I can't share my creations at the moment because DH has the camera with him 800 miles away at a friend's wedding. Drat.

Oh, well, we'll have a big photo shoot next week when the camera's here again. Until then I've got stuff to keep me busy. Including a nightgown to go with the robe, the sloper for my skirt for the Your Own Pattern contest on Pattern Review and, on the not-at-all-fun side, a full out war against fruit flies. Right now the kitchen stuff is half in the kitchen, half in the living room and I'm meticulously scrubbing every surface in there. And even with that it looks like we'll have to call in the exterminator. Stupid flies. I've put out apple cider traps and taken the chance to run a scientific experiment to determine which trap works best. It turns out that a wide mouth jar with 1/4" apple cider vinegar with just a drop of detergent in it to break surface tension is, in fact, the best. They get in to take a sip and wind up drowning. I can't say I feel sorry for them.

A wet paper towel and a quick hand is second best.

All the rest of the traps seem to serve more as single bars than anything else. Not what I'm going for ... the idea is to decrease the population, not increase it.

Oh well. Hopefully I can carve out a little space in the living room to sew (or, novel idea, actually clean off my little sewing table in the office and sew there) and get some more work done. Sure beats squashing fruit flies.

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Keely said...

Eeks,we get the odd fruit flies when the bananas are getting old but we've never had them hang around. It's good to know about the cider traps. Good luck!