Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tempting New Looks

With the semester over I'm looking forwards to finally getting back to my machine.  I desprately need some clothes for my new job as a teacher and research assistant.  Starting next Monday I'm going to try sewing for 20 minutes a day and see how much I can get done - hopefully I'll be surprised how the time adds up.  We'll see.

Anyway, just in time for this resolution, New Look released some great patterns.  Granted, they're mostly casual wear but I need some of that as well.  Besides, if I only sew stuffy teacher stuff I'll get bored and we can't have that.  

New Look 6801

Isn't this a great summer dress?  I love the neckline and the sleeve options.  Cut mid-thigh lenght it'd be a great tunic to wear over pants (NOT leggings, thank you very much) while that long sleeve version would be so fantastic with black boots come fall. 

New Look 6802

Here's another great knit dress.  I probably wont' get this because neither option is flattering to my figure but I can still appreciate it, right?  I like this interpretation of the twist front and the modesty panel underneath that keeps this from being as, well, showy  as many of the other twist tops and dresses are.  I'm not overly excited about the other dress option and can't say I'd really want to sew  darts in knits but, well, that's me.  Still, the twist dress is great.

New Look 6815

This is my hands-down favorite of the bunch. If this had only been out when I was planning my SWAP for Timmel this year ... not that I participated but I did dream and my biggest frustration was finding a wardrobe pattern that had three pieces I'd want to make in it (per the special twist in the rules this year). I've wanted to make a shirt dress for a while now and those button-up shirts would be great for my wardrobe. Bonus points since once I've gotten the fit right in the dress, the shirt would be super easy. I even like those pants and I NEVER like wardrobe pants. The button flaps on the side really make them chic.  This is one pattern I totally plan on getting and making up for my coming professional wardrobe.  And speaking of SWAPs and wardrobes, I should get a plan together.  Hm.

New Look 6807

Another great casual piece, though made up in the right fabrics I can see this with a nice skirt and jacket.  I love curved, gathered necklines on knit shirts and they love me so obviously, this pattern should be mine.  I like the raglan sleeve look as well, especially with those cute little cap sleeves.  I don't have any knit shirts with 3/4 bishop sleeves but maybe it's time for a change.

Ok, time to get to work to plan the mothers day stuff we're doing and then to clean up my sewing area so the 20-minute sessions can get started!  

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