Monday, September 22, 2008

One down!

My green shirt, piece #1 for my "August" wardrobe (yeah, little behind on that) is done! I wore it all day Sunday, first to church, then to lunch with friends, then switched out my nice black skirt for a denim skirt and wore it to our first evening service where DH preached his first sermon. Well, his first sermon that wasn't done to a class full of seminarians armed with grading sheets. He did a good job, though he really excelled at the preacher-on-the-hot-seat bit after the service. And after the service we cleaned it all up and then had game time over a friends' apartment. So much fun but apparently I'm still not physically able to do that much because today was a fog of exaustion and half-hearted attempts to get anything done. Sigh. I really need to make another appointment and get this fatigue thing sorted out. But anyway, all that to say that I've got a shirt done and I love it! Usually I feel like somethings "off" about the clothes I wear - something just a little not right that keeps me from loving it. But this shirt's different. From fabric to fit to finish, I really like it. Yay!

And will post pic tomorrow. Tonight it's time for zzzzzs. :)

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