Sunday, September 07, 2008

Shopping list

Life is going well ... my adult ed class I'm teaching through the school starts this week and, while I'm not exactly ready, I'm also not panicked. My creative writing class is going better than I expected - I'm really enjoying the process and having an excuse to write and my ego's getting stoked a bit by my great classmates and prof. Sewing class is a lot of fun, I'm done with my regular job, and I've got a shirt in progress that's actually coming together fairly well. Unfortunately it's at that stage where it really doesn't look like much, just a collar and some pockets, so it's not photogenic. I tried taking some pictures and it looked too much like a wad of fabric to be worth posting. It's just on hold until I reassemble my new machine enough to make button holes on it. I tried on my old machine (scrap fabric, thank heavens) and realized why I avoided buttonholes for so many years. They're TERRIBLE. I don't know what the problem is but, wow, they're so very, very ugly.

So more incentive to get new machine fixed.

Until that point, J's is having Buttericks on sale soon and heaven knows I need more patterns.

On my list this time:


I'm not certain I'd get around to actually making this in this century but I love the look. One of my RTW dresses (it's from Target - shh, don't tell!) has this same shoulder treatment and it's totally fabulous. Great 40s vibe but still current. So just in case I come across a good knit, it'd be nice to have a great pattern to go with it!


I love the idea of a large, cozy cardigan for the library or classrooms. Version E is my current favorite though D's worth a try as well. And these CAN'T take that long to make, right? I also like A and B once I get past the images and start thinking - it's the collar that throws me at first. However ditch the collar and it's a really nice kimono-eque top that can be seriously chic. Nice pattern overall.


With Wisconsin just a year away I'm suddenly realizing just how unprepared I am. This isn't a super-fab coat but it's a nice one and that tube collar looks warm. Plus it'll sew up quickly with a minimum of fitting and is make for (shudder) fleece. Which means cheap, at least for poly fleece from Joann's. I know, I know. But it would buy me a little time and, really, it'd be cute. At least I think it would be ... worth a try, anyway.


Because you can never have too many costumes. Specifically nice, surprisingly accurate patterns. Look at that muff!


See above :) I LOVE that coat!

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