Saturday, November 01, 2008

Vampire Hunter Costume - Finished!

With some frantic last minute sewing, my vampire hunter costume got finished right on time.

Die, undead thing!

My armament - silver bullets, wooden stakes (on sash, green), little knife just in case, gun, and (not shown) night vision binoculars.

Silver edged sword and holy water squirt bottle.

Put it all together and you have one well-armed vampire hunter.  :)  Review for individual pieces coming, just wanted to show off the whole.  And yes, I won the costume contest.  :)


luckylibbet said...

Wonderful job! I adore the equipment belt - how practical for a vampire hunter. Looking forward to the review.

Shannon said...

Looks great!

Alicia said...

Thank you!!

Maja said...

You look great! I love the boots!