Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seven Basics and a thought

Sorry, just haven't been in a post-y mood recently. It comes and goes - give it another month and I'll be posting daily and commenting like mad on all your blogs. :) Does that make me a bipolar blogger? Hm.

Anyway, at Artisan Square someone posted that Donna Karan's returning to her designing roots of her seven basics: Body suit, wrap skirt, tailored jacket, tailored pants, cashmere knits, robe-like coat and evening wear. The idea is that these pieces form a sort of swap, working for home, office, and evening events. Neat, though personally I'm not feeling the items themselves. Wrap skirt? Tried, don't like. Body suit? Love the clean lines, don't so much love the gymnastics of rebuttoning after a bathroom break.

So I present my basics. Not authoritative but, hey, this is a blog. :)

1. Nice knit shirt

Preferably a v neck, in a great fabric and a good, versatile color. For me that usually means black. Hazard of being a tech chic from DC.

2. Trim pencil skirt

one in black, one in denim, and you're ready for most anything.

3. Long but fairly fitted button up shirt

Tuck into skirt for the standard business uniform, throw on over the knit shirt for a loose, casual jacket, or button up and wear over the skirt with a belt cinching it in.

4. Jeans - Dark wash, well fitted, with a bit of flare

Non negotiable. Come what trends may, I NEED my flare.

5. Little black dress

Hey, classics are classics for a reason. Doesn't actually have to be black if that's not your look - any color that plays well with others works. Just make sure it's well fitted and nice enough to go to the symphony in. Throw the button up shirt over it for a nice office look or wear it with the denim skirt for a shell look.

6. Bright wool coat

Because too much black is boring, especially in winter.

7. Gorgeous layering sweater

Pick the neckline and color best for you. Layered over the LBD, button up shirt, or knit shirt it looks fab and keeps you warm. And I'm all about being warm.


There they are, the Alicia Jeanae 7 basics. I'm working on making these into a reality with my SWAP. So far it's coming ... I've got the pencil skirts covered, made up one layering sweater, and (not included in the official SWAP as they're not sewn by me) bought a pair of jeans and was given a small collection of fitted longer buttonup shirts. So I'm just missing the nice knit tops (next on the sewing list) and a great coat. Which I really, really need but haven't settled on the fabric. Since we're already to short sleeve weather here, it's not a pressing concern so I'll take my time. :)

So agree, disagree with my choices? Think I'm missing something critical? Got your own choices?


Becky said...

Hear hear on the flared jeans! I don't care what the trends are, bootcuts/flares look the best on me so that's pretty much all I'll wear. I'd probably take an A-line skirt over a pencil one, and I'd have to pass on the wool coat (since it would make me break out in hives and that's never a good thing.) I think, really, it would have to depend on the season too-- my winter essentials would be quite different from my summer ones!

Sharon said...

I like all your picks - even the HP pattern. I personally have not had luck with HotPatterns so I no longer buy them. For me? Basic pencil skirts with white or black shirt are on my must have list.

Stop by my blog - I left you an award.

Sew Shy said...

Nice list of basics. Reminds me that I have to start thinking in terms of a swap too. But fitting is currently so challenging!
BTW, I responded to your question on fleece on the PR forum.

Morzel: said...

Good basics you picked there! I´ll also go along the lines of Becky - as seasons differ here a lot, I would need slightly different basics for warm or cold weather. Eg. Basic tees to wear underneath in winter, detailed tees (like the knot shirt) in summer. Wool coat for winter, rain coat for summer. But apart from this, I think all the others are good choices. Only missing the cardigan - but that could go in the sweater category. Great idea of thinking about a basic wardrobe along pattern lines!

Rose said...

I like your pattern choices and think that they fit nicely into a SWAP. I've made the Simplicity top a couple of times and love it as a basic top. Check on my blog for an award for you.