Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SWAP - 7/12ths of the way done!

The bearded one and I have been doing a systematic cleaning of the apartment in prep for the move this summer and today it was the bedroom. We decided to rearrange since we were cleaning out as well and for just a short bit we had a full wall cleared. I pounced on the opportunity to get my present SWAP items all hung up in a bit of a collage. It's not great - three of them got pulled out of the suitcase and two out of the ironing pile and one's still needing the hems done - but hey, it lets you see where I'm at! Three bottoms finished, four tops, and I've got another bottom and two jackets in progress. The end is actually in sight!

So what do you think?

Looking over the items I'm struck, first of all, at how badly wrinkled they are. Especially the knits. Seriously, aren't those supposed to be just about magically resistant to wrinkles? Sigh. Also they're all so bland at the moment. I might add some cutwork to the purple top. Not sure about the black but I think the cowl's too high and stiff. I just made that today and the hem's waiting for me to set up the double needle in my machine so it's a total WIP. Still, once on and with the right accessories they're all great pieces and I've been wearing the tails off of all of them. It's getting a bit warm for the black and maroon tops but next winter I'd really need them (Wisconsin, here we come!) and so don't mind packing them away. I really dislike long sleeves and sweaters and get so tired of the ones I have so hopefully a couple new ones in the mix will help brighten up those cold days.

On a totally other topic, thanks to Sharon and Rose (Rose and Sharon ... Rose of Sharon - my favorite flower!) for the sisterhood award! Technically I'm supposed to pass this on but I'm already behind with the previous award and I don't want to nominate someone who's already gotten it or forget someone who's richly deserving of it and so ... I'm going to be bad and non communal and all that and just tell you all straight up that I've yet to go to any of your blogs (and, if you've commented or are on my sidebar, I do go often!) and not be inspired and encouraged!

And in a third topic, I'm ebaying the duchess satin silk I originally bought for my wedding dress. If you've been needing, say, seven yards of slightly golden cream silk then, hey, gotcha covered. I figure all of you are fine on silk at the moment but just in case, I'd rather it go to one of y'all's homes than anyone else!


Salinda said...

I'm liking the SWAP. I agree that all those solids can be kinda blah, but you have to have good backdrops for fabulous jewlery and accessories-right?

I'm working on a SWAP too (just on my own). Mine is red, white, and blue and while all the pieces will mix and match with others, I don't know how well any of them will work with pieces all ready in my wardrobe!

Linda said...

You are doing well with your SWAP!

Becky said...

It looks like a lot of good basics-- just need some great accessories to spice it up!