Sunday, March 21, 2010

SWAP 2010 progress and plan

Returning to the blogging world. :)

I'm doing the SWAP again this year and, though I haven't made as much progress as I really should have (spending the first month traveling didn't help - or at least that's my excuse). But I have made some!

My colors are browns and peacock blues and a dash of lilac.  I should probably have a bit more but just doing brown rather than black as my base was stretching enough.  And I apologize for not having a storyboard.  My attempts to photograph my fabrics didn't turn out so well (bad winter light!  bad, bad!) and at this point I figure it's better to just show the finished items anyway.

I finished skirt #1 a long while ago and I've worn it so much it's already showing it just a bit.  Oops.  Still, very happy with it.  It started life as a very ugly long green skirt with buttons up the front and a gathered back waist band.  Not so much my style.  I tossed it in with a packet of Rit dye, disassembled it, then used it as my fabric for my favorite (and sadly out of print) skirt pattern, Simplicity 3754.  I omitted the pockets as I just didn't have enough fabric and just laid the under pocket piece on top of the main front piece and treated them like one.  I did keep one of the patch pockets from the original skirt and sewed it on - I like the reminder of what it once was.  

I have a second skirt in progress again using this pattern (what can I say, it's a great one) from a denim remnant I found at Joann's.  I'm having some unexpected fitting issues but once those are worked out I'll share it.

Also in progress are a cape, a faux two piece dress, and a knit shirt.  I hope to do some serious cutting this evening and get a wool jumper, silk shirt, and rayon shirt all started on.  Then there's the light wool fabric Liccarit gave me that so wants to be a boyfriend cardigan-like jacket.  I think I might use the Lydia wrap pattern I made up a couple years ago as the base and add some darts for fitting.  And change up the collar just a bit.  But change it to what?  Hm.  Must continue pondering.


Rose said...

The colors for your SWAP sound gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it!

Becky said...

Welcome back to blogland! And I agree, your colors sound like a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.