Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finished Snorlax (pokemon) dress!


It'll get sent off to the birthday girl recipient tomorrow.  And I'll be able to focus on my own back-to-school sewing!  

It really was a fun project to work on.  The base is a simple dress made from dark blue denim weave cotton with just enough lycra to make it comfortable.  The cotton was heavy enough to help the body keep it's shape and not deflate.  The white is a lighter cotton/lycra blend.  The belly shape is formed by gathering the waist and pegging in the hem quite drastically.  I had to add a back pleat for walking ease since the pegging allowed for very little movement.

To form the face and tummy I simply cut out two of each piece, sewed the two pieces together, turned them inside out and topstitched them on.  So they're really just giant applique pieces.  It does make it all a bit heavy but it actually works with the dress to help it all hold it's shape.  The arm pockets are made the same way with the sides left open to make them into pockets.  I based the shape on my own hand so as to make them really work as pockets.  The face and claws are embroidered on just using the zig-zag stitch on my vintage Singer.  No fancy machines needed!  Well, except for the inside where I serged the raw edges.  Or came as close to serging as my serger will go.  I SO need to replace that piece of junk.  Fortunately all that is hidden inside and I doubt anyone will look too closely at just how bad those stitches are.  They'll hold, keep the fabric from unraveling, and stay out of sight and that's all they need to do.

Anyway, there it is, a wild snorlax ready for a new home!


pinky_peny said...

hey hey i fell in love with this dress im actually looking for someone to make me one like this
how can i get one could you make one for me really im so in love with it

Cheyanne Johnson said...

oh my gosh you have an amazing talent. i was wondering were would i go to buy a dress like that or do you make them for people. because i have been looking for a dress like that for a long time but could never find one, let alone if anyone makes them for my size. i dont really wear dresses but if i had a dress like that i would be willing to wear a dress anyday of the week

Alicia said...

So in case it's not obvious ... this blog is not the best way to contact me. :) Sorry!!

I had a lot of fun making this and I'm actually up for making another one or more so long as my intensely variable schedule allows but the price point ($120) puts most people off. Between fabric, alterations, and the time to make it to my standards that's just what it adds up to. However if that's reasonable to you and want to chat, just post a message after this and I'll get back to you. NOW I've got it set up to email me with followup comments so no more ignoring it for a year ... yeah, that's embarrassing.

tamosaur said...
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tamosaur said...
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