Saturday, June 07, 2008

More robe-ery

I gave the robe to M on Friday during her bachelorette party. She is, as it turns out, every seamstresses' dream recipient. She opened it, gasped, picked it up like it was some priceless artifact, tried to talk, gasped some more, and just turned it around asking, "wait, you MADE this? You made THIS? THIS? This is beautiful, I can't believe... I love ... so perfect ... Color ... beautiful.. YOU MADE THIS???" She tried it on and it looks fantastic, if I may say so. :)

I won't be showing her the pics of it on Elanor (dress form) since it turns out that M's larger than Elanor. It's my fault - since M and I are built proportionally the same, I thought that what fits me would fit her. Forgot about my Napolean complex. She's several inches taller than me but I always think I'm her height. I'm not. Common mistake on my part. So I should have thought about that with M's robe. However, while it didn't fit her the way it fits Elanor, it actually looks better. The front panels don't overlap as much and somehow it really improves the look. So it's good.

In other news, bought another robe pattern from Joann's at their sale to use in the pattern class I'm teaching and am nearly finished fixing the old machine I bought for $35. Also made two bundt cakes for M's reception. So keeping busy.

And now to get ready for M's wedding!


Keely said...

The robe looks beautiful! I'm not surprised M was pleased with it. It must have been so nice to get that response though, especially after the work you put in. :)

Alicia said...

Thank you! I've been really fortunate in having friends who appreciate hand-crafted stuff. It's kinda magic to have fun making something and then have the person you made it for just go crazy with appreciation!