Monday, June 09, 2008

Random Monday Thoughts

- Wedding report - M&C's wedding went really well. They kept it low-key and fun and that, in my book, ALWAYS beats lavish and stuffy. The flower girl missed the note that the flower pedals get thrown on the ground, not the people on either side of the aisle. I liked her way better. M looked fantastic, C was so happy he floated. Great food, dancing, and people at the reception. C's mother was incredibly chic in her trim little chipao; unfortunately I didn't get a picture. While I hope that they're having a great time on their honeymoon, I also miss them and look forwards to having them back. It's dull around here without them!

- Sewing machine repairs continue. I reassembled it, which wasn't as easy as you'd think. It's got a drop-in bobbin assembly that will NOT go back in quite right. And, of course, to get to it I need to pull out all the rest of the guts. Sigh. Since I don't cuss in American (never started and figure that, at this point, there's no reason to) DH was suggesting other possible things to say. I DO cuss in Australian and British so that's helped. I have found any word that's short with plosives (b, p, t, k, etc) is highly satisfying to mutter at the machine. Hopefully the next reassembly will be the charm and I can move on to other creative endevors.

- Catching up - After google-stalking a few old college friends I've lost touch with, I discovered that my college boyfriend is going to Guana in a few days. He's a full-timer with HCJB radio, a Christian radio missions agency that's working with people in the most remote areas. From what I gather they do everything from teaching and training locals to healthcare and community development. I'm both proud of him and a little jealous. Here he is traveling the world helping people while I'm "stuck" in TX. :) Oh, well. Still, I am proud - this is the guy who got overwhelmed visiting DC and who (when we were dating) had never flown and really didn't want to. And now he's living in Africa and traveling all over. Good for him! And it's always good to find out I've got good taste in guys, even if it didn't work out. :)

- New sewing friend. A woman in my apt. complex found out I sew and mentioned she wanted to learn but was afraid she'd messed up her machine the first time she tried it. So I dropped by and we had a great time. Her machine runs fine after pulling a bit of thread out from the bobbin area and she's got a great attitude about it all. She wants to do t-shirt quilts, something I've also wanted to do but never got around to trying. I'm looking forwards to seeing her creation and learning stuff from her. It's nice having others who sew nearby.

- Do I WANT people to know I sew? Making M the robe and giving it to her at her bachelorette party meant that I effectively announced my hobby to all the females there. I TRIED to give it to her privately ... didn't work. At the wedding I discovered I've got a reputation now as people were asking me about what I've made, what I can make, and were generally awed by it. Which I maintain is like being awed about riding a bicycle but anyway. I was wearing a dress I'd made and that only exacerbated it. Eep. I kinda liked people not noticing but now that it's out ... we'll see what happens. Sigh.

- Yourself!Fitness is fantastic. Just sayin'. :)

That's it. :) Nothing exciting, just life!

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