Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Simplicity Fall Patterns!

I love new patterns. No, seriously, it's a little sad how much a small batch of new patterns can totally make my day. I've even got my little routine down. I'll open up the page and then very carefully just look at the first pattern. I'll click on it, study it, look at the line drawing, sizes offered, fabric, etc, and dream a bit. Then I'll go back and very carefully look at the second, not looking ahead at all, and repeat for each pattern until I've seen them all. And then I'll go back through again.

This probably tells you more about me than I really want you to know. Hm.

Anyway, some new patterns to enjoy. As a whole this wasn't a thrilling release but neither was it horrendous. A good half of the patterns are ones I'd consider making but don't HAVE to have. The rest were ones I won't, for whatever, do anything with but could see others wearing them. So overall a B level collection. Good, not great.

So let's look at this stuff...


While the picture doesn't look all that fantastic, the concept is a good one. The pattern comes sized for three body types, slim, medium, and curvy. There's also "custom fitting directions" included. Hm. I don't make pants but largely because I can only handle so many failures before deciding I like skirts better anyway. So if I DO try pants again, this would be a great pattern to start with. Provided it lives up to the hype!


Every so often I think to myself, "Self, you need a jumper." Then self remembers that self doesn't own any shirts to go under the jumper. So self passes. But at some point self really needs to just get over it and make up a little mini wardrobe that has a shirt, jumper, and skirt. Two outfits from three patterns - not bad. And the jumper is great for wearing when the shirt decides to ditch that very important bust button and I'm already running late. This happens to people besides me, right?


I love vests. I have no idea how to really wear one (hence my utter lack of vests in the wardrobe) but still love them. Maybe adding one to the little wardrobe the I want to make for this coming fall. Assuming, of course, I actually do it. I am a little concerned, however, about chanelling the sexy teacher look. This is my first time teaching an adult class and I want them to be awed by my l33t teaching skillz, not by my, um, other assets. Ahem. So, well, we'll see. On the good side, a vest is an addition, not a necessity, and it only takes a little bit of fabric so it's a great last-minute addition to a wardrobe. And, if it does send the wrong message then I'm sure DH and I can find another use for it. :) As a, um, cleaning rag. Yeah. That's what I meant. What did YOU think I meant? :)


First off, see the picture on the far left? Brown vest and pants with colorful top? Just make the top high necked and you've got my grandmother's wardrobe. Exactly. Now my grandmother is seriously chic but I'm not certain I want to copy her style. At least not at this point in my life. But with that said, I really like the dress and top. Great little jumper and the top's sleeves can be added to the dress to make an nice fall dress. Cute. It's kind of an easy version of Vogue 8411. An easy version with more shaping. Hm. This could be very good.


Too stinkin' cute for words. This almost makes me wish there were small children in my life that I could make cute little embroidered booties for. Of course reality points out that small child will probably have a few younger siblings by the time I'd get around to actually making this. But still. Hm. I wonder how small these go? Because my American Girl dolls could use some nice shoes and they're not going to outgrow my creations before I can get around to making them.


I need an occasion that calls for "old west bordello" dress. I'm tired of white tie, black tie, and casual dress events. Let's see some creativity. Though a Steam Punk art gallery just opened nearby (with Studio Foglio artwork on display!) and they ARE having a closing party later this month ... nah. At least not this time around. Maybe next time. But DH and I DO need to get up there, perhaps this Friday.


Divert your eyes from the sequins and look at the little ukalele - er, guitar - that the guy's holding. See it? That's actually a bag. A bag that you can make. With this pattern. I must have it.

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