Sunday, December 07, 2008

And there was rejoicing

So I've been wondering for a while now what to do with Etsy. My sewing teaching job is ... well, taking off isn't the right word, but at least picking up some speed on the runway. Here's hoping this is a looooong runway or else the metaphor will turn gruesome. But anyway, with the teaching stuff keeping me moderately busy I've been seriously considering just how much time, money, and effort I want to sink into a tiny shop located in the online version of the mall of america. To continue that metaphor, I feel a bit like a kiosk stuck down a back hallway on a fairly dead wing of the mall. So for a while I've just been letting it sit. No new listings, no relistings to push things to the top, no chatting or advertising or anything else.

And, oddities of oddities, today I sold two robes. My first two robes. And I sold them. Two different people. Just a few minutes apart from each other. And (just to continue the oddities) one lives close to my hometown, the other is right near DH's hometown. Both also appear to be men buying for their wives which, IMHO, makes them very, very good husbands. :)

So this doesn't make it definitive that I'll keep up the shop but it does give me the money to sink just a bit more into stock and try out more sizes. Maybe take the time to investigate turning the basic pieces into a well written first sewing pattern. Hey, if nothing else, my sudden popularity has given me new energy for the store!


Becky said...

Congratulations! I've never done the Etsy thing myself (thought about it, opened a store, but never got the nerve/motivation to actually put anything in it), but I can imagine that must be a great feeling!

Corvus said...

I love the feeling of making a sale. I've been working quite hard at my Etsy store this month to no avail- I thought I made one sale, but the lady e-mailed me the next day saying it was an accident (and you have to say "yeah, I want to buy that" how many times?).

I've recently come to the conclusion that making a sale is more than anything about getting your name out there. Now I just need to figure out how that's done.

Angelia said...

Congrats on you sales!!! Saleing something you've made always feels so sweet.. and makes my thankful all at the same time.

Michaela said...

Those are great news. Happy for you! Keep the energy going, it is always worth to keep up and not gave up.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! A sale at just the right moment to give you a bit of encouragement to continue :-)

shawna said...

I have considered etsy- but I have to admit I wondered how profitable it really is. i browse it all the time- but I have not bought anything.

Congrats! And good luck with the teaching too.
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