Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pattern give-away

Trying to thin out my collection so I can fit what I have in my small sewing space. Just leave a comment in the comment area with your email address (" AT gmail" is a good form to keep spam-bots from grabbing it) and this coming Monday I'll having a little drawing and email the winner, work out shipping info, and send out your patterns!

And I'll ship anywhere in the world - it's not hard, surprisingly inexpensive, and I really like the idea of my patterns visiting far-off exotic locals. :)

Both patterns are uncut and for sizes 6-12. Enjoy!


luckylibbet said...

luckylibbet AT gmail DOT com

Corvus said...

Ooo, shiny. I could see myself making either, now that my sewing machine finally works again (woo!).


artemis9976 said...

what fun!

artemis76 AT gmail DOT com