Monday, December 01, 2008

It's mine! Singer Rocketeer

Mine! Mine! Mine!!

So my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Well, that's easy. A sewing machine that works consistantly, can be easily tuned here at home, makes a beautiful stitch, and has a few specific perks like an adjustable presser foot, three needle positions, and the ability to sew a beautiful buttonhole either on it's own or with an attachment.

So any of the Singer slant-o-matics (besides the straight-stitch-only ones) would make me happy. But, if I could ask Santa (or, more specifically, my mom) for just one more thing, it would be that that Singer not be any old slant-o-matic but that it'd be a Rocketeer. I like the artistry of an old black treadle-era machine, the bubbly cuteness of many modern machines, but in my book they can't hold a candle to the chic steampunkishness of the rocketeer.

So mom gave me a price limit and told me to go forth and buy my own present to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I love my mom. :) So I bid on a machine, nearly have it, then out of nowhere another bidder emerged. Oh nos! A fierce bidding war errupted but, in the end, I lost.


So I turned to another machine. It had a hidden reserve price and a buy-it-now of $275. Worth it, but well above the limit I had. So I passed it by. Found another machine and bid on it. But then, on a hunch, put a lower bid on the machine with a reserve. And, amazingly enough, it was just enough! A few hours of nervous refreshing no other bidders had emerged and I now own a beautiful Singer 503 Rocketeer and a small box of cams, feet, and straight-stitch needle plate. So very, very exciting!

Pretty goodies...

The one mistake I made? Remember that I said I went over and bid on another machine before bidding on this one? Well, that action ends in four hours. And I'm still the highest bidder. For a machine I really don't need any longer.

Oops. See, this is why I don't Ebay. Stupid beginner mistake. So, say, if anyone wants a singer rocketeer can I just hint that any machine with a listing ending right around 6pm eastern time today will sell with only a very slight contest? Unfortunately my max bid is just a couple dollars higher than the current so there will be a bit of bidding ... but very little. Just, you know, in case you're interested.

Fingers crossed that another buyer will show up. But, well, not crossed too tightly. We could just barely afford the second machine (DH's christmas present to me? Mine to him?) and worst case I can always pick out the best feet, cams, and all from the two and resell the other. So we'll see.

Until then I'll be dreaming up projects for my new little wonder machine!


Corvus said...

Congrats! I can almost sympathize- my machine hasn't worked for literally years and, as ye olde starving student, I've never been able to budget the money to fix it out of all my other pursuits. Well yesterday I sat down with the manual and a screwdriver and voila! She works. Fingers crossed she keeps working.

Can't wait to see what you make!

SewPaula said...

Congratulations on your Rocketeer!

You might email the seller and find out how they intend to pack the machine for shipping (if it isn't a local pick-up). I've read of more than one machine destroyed in the shipping process. It should be wrapped many times in bubble wrap and double boxed. You might look at this link to see how it should be packed for shipping:

Good luck and can't wait to read about your new machine coming home. I love mine!

Michaela said...

Congratulation on your new machine. Looks awesome.
I also wanted to say hi to #3 SCB blogger.

Anonymous said...

I have been COVETING a Rocketeer for YEARS now - and I would TOTALLY bid on the other one if I didn't live on the other side of the world (as was broke!)

Congrats, and may you sew happily together for many years to come!

Becky said...

Congratulations!! Hope this machine works out great for you.

Corvus said...

Forgot to say who I was: I'm the newest member of your Sew Craft Blog group. Hi!

Dee Light said...

What a great machine!! Is she going to let you have it early to do Christmas sewing?

Sharon said...

oh fun! Congrats. I actually am not familiar with the Rocketeer, so tell me what makes it such a fabulous machine?

Alicia said...

Thank you all!

I just got confirmation that it arrived at my little local post office this morning so this evening, after I finish reading the book that's due tomorrow, I'll give this new machine a very comprehensive work out. I'll photodocument the process and then do my best to make rocketeer converts out of all of you. :D

A preview: having not actually been in the presence of a rocketeer yet, this is all heresay, but the grapevine has it that the slant-o-matic line made by Singer right around 1960 are right up there with the Featherweight for best machines ever made. They're said to be near-industrials with their power and beautiful stitches so hopefully no more coaxing just to hem a pair of jeans! To get any stitches beyond the straight stitch you actually put in a cam for that stitch which means I need to get more organized to keep from loosing any of them! The slant-o-matics were big sellers so finding feet, cams, and other accessories for them is pretty easy and they are, by and large, pretty cheap.

The buttonhole foot gizmo (that's my technical name for it) is a whole contraption you strap to the foot and it uses little metal dies that a gear turns through to create the buttonholes. I should have that gizmo in another week so pictures and a full review will follow. :) Once again I'm trusting that the grapevine is correct and that the buttonholes produced are absolutely professional and gorgeous. We'll see!

panhandler said...

That's the sweetest looking sewing machine ever! Congrats on your impeccable taste! Can't wait to see what you come up with!



seth said...

hi there, i was poking around and found your site here. Im a dude who does dude things but has a secret soft spot for sewing thanks to my grandma. I want to do dude sewing and make heavy denim pants that dont fall apart like all these junky things sold by duckhead levi's et.all. and have rad (yea i said it) pockets and whatnot. Ive been told that the Slant is the way to go for heavy work and affordable compared to an industrial machine. Did you recive and pay for the second machine and if so, would you like to sell it to me? let me know! peace! btw, i like your kimonos. very pretty-slinky. :)


The Seth

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