Thursday, April 16, 2009

A quick explanation

So I'm at that age where baby bumps and the wardrobe challenges that come with it are a fairly regular concern with friends.  Not with me.  I'm still very baby-bump free and very happy to let my friends give me small ones to dote on and hand back before getting stuck with diaper duty.  

So for a friend I was trying to get together a mini-swap worth of patterns and ideas to get her through the next half a year.  And I use my blog as my note pad, especially since I wanted feedback ... unfortunately I have a bad habit of typing the title up there in that little title bar and then hitting enter.

Which posts a blank blog with a lone title.

Which is why some of you saw I had a new post.

Entitled "Maternity Wardrobe."

Which must have raised some questions.

So to clarify, the maternity in question is not mine, its' a friend's.  Not me.  Very certainly and happily not me.  If you want to congratulate me, I'll take it on that account (it's amazingly hard to not get pregnant, despite modern medicine, especially if your body goes haywire when hormonal methods are so much as in the same room as it - and unfairly fertility isn't something you can donate to someone who'd put it to good use) but congrats for coming joys go to a friend.  And another friend.  And a belated congrats to yet another couple friends... 

On the good side, western civilization will keep going another generation, if my friends have anything to do with it.  I'm just here to see they're looking and feeling good whilst doing it.  :)

So with that, any ideas for good maternity patterns?  With all the empire waists and baggy looks I'm finding a number in the women's section of patterns that look like they'll work but I'd love some voices of experience.  Morzel's SWAP on stitcher's guild has been my main source so far and it's fab but, of course, the more ideas the better!

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Morzel: said...

At stitchers guild there was recently this thread:,6527.0.html talking about maternity patterns. Hope this also helps!