Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warm and cozy plans

As many of you know, this summer we begin our rather protracted move from Texas to Wisconsin where we'll spend the coldest part of 09 and 10 before coming back to Texas. Talk about different needs ... my poor little wardrobe doesn't have a single jacket warmer than my mom's old leather one. Bought in souther California. And our throw blankets, at this point, hit a grand total of one. So as the weeks count down I'm finding I'm drawn to warm knit and crochet blankets to snuggle up in while reading or working. And quilts to cover the walls of my basement sewing room (if we get the townhouse that we're asking for).

So a few of the patterns on Lion Brand that have caught my attention - btw, you'll probably have to register to see the actual instructions, I'm sorry. If it helps, they take fake email addresses so you won't get bothered by them.

I am so in love with the color blending going on in this.  I love shading and watercolors and this is the knit version of that.  And with two strands of yarn it's got to be both quick and warm.  Very, very nice.

Warm and graphic.  I'd like this in a shades of green/shades of lavender mix, or perhaps cream and olive shades.  Or some other mix that catches my eye in those piles of lovely yarn.

My mom's mom must have loved making up this rickrack style blanket because we have a couple passed on by her.  Of course they're all in ever-so-70s style colors which, for most of my life, I thought were intensely ugly.  Suddenly they're looking rather nice and that worries me.  But anyway, the pattern itself triggers nice nostalgic happiness for me and I like that I can choose yarn colors that don't include the word "umber" or "brick" in them.  Greens, again, would make me happy.  I'm a very green person.  In decorating, still working on in lifestyle.

Doesn't this just say coziness to you?  Granted, with all those little holes, it's probably not nearly as warm as it looks, but it certainly shows off well.  I think it might be more country chic than I would ever truly go for but I still love it.  Especially in a nice guest room with a white quilted bedspread and light filtering through the trees outside.  Of course, we don't have a guest room.  Or a tree.  But someday.  Of course, I'll probably take over the guest room with sewing stuff ... but that's reality.  In my little dream world there's a guest room that's not overflowing with extra fabric and gift wrap and there's a tree outside and it's always green.  My dream, my rules.

So this tops the list of completely impractical yet gorgeous throws.  Really, a bit of lace will warm you up just as much but I still love the fun, bright, multicolored circles.  I think I'd make this up with a bunch of different sizes and mix and match them around until I got a growth pattern I liked (because, let's face it, even in bright colors it's rather remenicent of very pretty mold) and then back it with a nice complimentary flannel blanket so it could actually work as a throw.  Still, fantastically fun colors.  Lion brand also has a similar but more grown up (and not-free) throw called their Lock Lomond Afghan and I'm even more in love with that one.  Yes, it looks like elaborate fungus.  Maybe I LIKE fungus.  In certain contexts.  

So, do any of you have a favorite throw pattern?  Knitting, crochet, and quilting are all options.  I'm only actually good at crochet, but I can muddle through the other two and, hey, I can only get better.  :)  

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