Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Crazy week

Flew home for a short weekend, now parents are coming here and then down to a family reunion - it never stops! And on top of that DH decided he wanted to steal one of my sewing class tables for his desk and gave me his nice folding table with a drop-down part for the keyboard (PERFECT for a sewing machine) in return. Buuuuut that meant totally redoing the entire study/sewing room which left me with more room (Yay!) but also took a lot of time. Oh, well. Now both my sewing machine and serger can be out at the same time - always nice! I'll post pics of my sewing space soon, I promise. I like it. :)

So that's why I've been in radio silence mode. And why my red shirt's in the same condition it was last blog. And why it will remain like that until next month since right now I need to spend my sewing time on my wardrobe for the August contest!

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