Monday, August 25, 2008

Digging through the old pattern box

I need to dig this pattern out again - about three years ago I made it up with a stiff poly and it's pretty cute. Unfortunately it has the funny armcyce gape that all patterns seem to have on me so I have to wear a little sweater over it but still, cute. And short. See how it hits just above the knee on the model? False advertising, that. It hits a good 3" above my knee and, at 5'4" (ok, the 4" is in sneakers) I'm not exactly model material. And while 3" above the knee is hardly scandelous, it's short for me. I added some beautiful tea-stained lace to the hem and it helps me feel more modest but I still don't wear it as much as I would if it were just a liiiittle longer. But really, those are the only issues I had with this and I made it straight from the pattern, no modifications at all. So now that I know what to expect I really should try it again. Great for summer or, now that I look at it, as a cute jumper with a shirt underneath. Hm...

Oh, and this pattern comes from a group of fun 70 ones from when my mom went through a pattern collecting phase. She was living in southern California at the time and so passed on some adorable little sundress patterns. So far this is the only one of the bunch I've made but just give me time!

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Anonymous said...

Is that your little black dress? Personally I think it's fine but I own a denim mini so maybe I shouldn't talk. :)

- Mellie