Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photo Contest

This week hasn't been a lot of fun - it's mostly been cramming for my class (the one I'm teaching - you know the one I whine about in every stinkin' blog until you must be horribly sick of it. I know I am!) and wishing I'd started earlier and finding really random ways to distract myself. I really should just disconnect from the internet. While yes, it is helpful for finding stuff I could look it up that same info in a book far faster. Heck, I could drive to four different schools' libraries and look up the information faster. And for whatever reason my laptop makes me sleepy. I can be wide awake and then, after five minutes of it on my lap I'm dropping off. Poor me. And yes, I would like some cheese with that whine, thank you very much! :)

Anyway, one fun distraction I did was take some pictures I'd shot from a trip this past year and play with them to make post cards and pictures for my aunt who graciously sponsored the trip. I thought I'd share them with you as a little break.

Also, can you guess where the photos are from? Hint: They're all from the same spot. Well, roughly. One answer will cover it all - like if I had pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, and White House then "DC" would be the correct answer. No clicking on the photos since doing so will tell you the answer. Just try to guess first. :) Hard photos today, easier ones tomorrow or Friday depending on how much I need a break either day. And enjoy!


Jennifer said...

I've got some good brie over here if that would help. :)

And location - I think I know but only because I know where you've been this past year. And man that sounds creepy. To avoid spoiling it for other posters - was this your Christmas trip?

Anonymous said...

Oh, how'd you make the postcards? I really like them, especially the last one. I can't guess where you took them though. The last one looks like St. Augustine but the rest can't be so I'm stumped.

- Mellie