Friday, August 22, 2008

More Disney Pictures

Because I'm on a roll. Don't worry, I've got some great vintage patterns coming up next!

Hanging in the waiting area at Jungle Cruise. I love things like this.

Frontierland looking towards Big Thunder Mountain.  We never did get around to riding that last time.  No loss for me, personally.  I can get the same thrill by letting hubby drive around Dallas.  Love ya! Mean it!

Fantasyland - look at that blue sky!  It was like that all week.

The Haunted Mansion, looking only moderately creepy in the afternoon sunlight.  Should have come back at night for a shot.  Oh, well.  We went on this more times ... husband grew up watching Ghostbusters so this ride was a favorite.  Though, given the chance, he'd "plus" it with blasters and turn it into a ghost hunting game.  :)

A little washed out but I liked the sign.

Dumbo!  And God bless my grandparents for going on this ride hundreds of times with me when I was little.  What IS it with flying elephants that so enchants the 5 year old brain?

Me and Plinkley, from Lilo and Sitch.  I love the hawaiian shirt.

Only at Disney does a Christmas Wreath formed from red mickey crocs seem so normal...

Fantasyland in a rare moment.  An hour later it was packed.  

Looking out towards the castle from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  I really love that attraction.  Slow pace, lots of fun details, and the fun of imagining I could live there just does something for the kid in me.  This shot also shows how green the World is, even in winter.

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