Saturday, November 10, 2007

Due to technical difficulties...

Still have the flu. Still have laryngitis. Still too weak to do much. Still that horrible mixture of bored out of my mind and too tired to focus or do anything. Blech.

On the good side I seem to be getting better, so hopefully I'll be back on my feet tomorrow or Monday.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the Friday trips to my sewing corner. Since there's nothing to report on Monday's weekend report (I knitted two more rows in my scarf - does that count?) I figure I'll just give you a look at my patterns on that day and consider everything caught up. Or close. Eh, it's the best I can do now.

On a whole different topic DH, bless his heart, rented Meet the Robinsons for us to watch this evening. He knows I'm a huge Disney Dork but hadn't seen it yet (I know, I know, bad Disney Dork) so he rented it. I think he even enjoyed it, despite it all. I love him. :) And absolutely adorable, heartwarming film, by the way. Definitely a cute one.

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