Monday, November 12, 2007

Filler Post

STILL sick. Actually a little worse than I was yesterday ... Husband and I went out last evening to Half-Price Books in part because that's our bi-weekly event and part because I was dying to get out of the house. Unfortunately that little outing probably knocked my recovery back a few days. I HATE being sick.

Anyway, with how weak I'm feeling it's just too much to do the tour of my sewing corner today (to make up for skipping Friday) so how 'bout I just give you a general rain check and we'll get back to that when I'm on my feet again?

Back to Half-Price, while it wore me out big time, I did find some great gems. Unfortunately they didn't come home with me (even at half off they were too much for my budget) but now I know they exist!

(Click on images to go to their Amazon pages)
Two beautiful books on making tapestries, wall hangings, and other adornments for your medieval or Tutor doll house. Because we ALL have one of those! And now I'm kinda sad that I missed out on this when I went through my doll house phase back in 5th grade. All the furniture and stuff I could find was either Victorian or old west and I really dislikes them both. Why did no one tell me that there's a group of medieval doll-house decorators?

This isn't a hobby I'll be taking up any time soon largely because of the time, money, and care it would take (and, for now, all three of those are well spoken for) but it makes me happy to know these books exist. Also a number of those tapestry patterns looked wonderful for small cross-stitch work. So maybe sometime I'll get one or both and use them for that purpose. Trust me, her work is certainly beautiful enough for people-sized house decorating!


Donna Hodgson said...

I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I voted for the cookies. I did the cocoa orange cookies you posted about on one of the forums, and they begged for more....

Alicia said...

Thank you both for the well wishes!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies, Mary! I need to make another batch sometime soon. :)