Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monday - Weekend Report (just a little late)

Sorry, I realized after I got in bed last night that I'd forgotten that I'd forgotten to do my Monday report. Granted, it's not like I have much to report anyway, so it wasn't like you were missing much ... but still, I like keeping deadlines. Especially self-appointed ones.

So what did I do this weekend?

Not all that much. As far as fabric and thread goes, it was all just mending and alterating, my two least favorite parts of sewing. My hubby needed his new cassock's hem shortened by a good three inches (not a standard alteration for my 6'1" husband - I'm not sure what giant they designed this thing for) and then he popped a button on his pants so that got sewn back on. So things that needed to get done but nothing really fun and nothing for me. This was mostly due to how full Sunday suddenly became - we went out to lunch with friends from Church, kept chatting until mid afternoon, and then were invited over to our neighbors' apartment for dinner. And, because we forgot to reset our kitchen clocks for daylight savings time, we showed up an hour early. It turned out great because that gave us more time to chat but when it was all said and done we had a whole two hours at most at home that day. Not enough to get started on sewing, not when a warm bath was calling. So for my first weekend report I get to report very, very little. Next time I hope will be far better!

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