Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sick Day

Now I'm wishing I'd got my flu shot ... today was NOT a happy day.

I've been feeling a little icky the past week - figured it was just a result of not exercising like I should. Today I woke up feeling a little "off" but not horrible. And then I started getting ready. Things went downhill from there. I've spent the day alternating between the couch and the bed and discovering just how boring the internet and tv are. Funny, they seem far more interesting when I have papers to write.

So in light of my day, a few links for your enjoyment:

The first case of bird flu reported in Florida
(though that's actually Paris - but still funny)

Things to do when you're home sick

1 comment:

Rhoto said...

feeling a little "off" but not horrible...
Oh, I take THAT as a "sign" to take a time-out... Off the schedule merry-go-round. Time to BE and not DO. A wonderful vacation, actually.
"Sorry, I can't... I'm feeling a little 'off'"!!
Hope you're feeling better!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)