Friday, November 02, 2007

Nov Series - Sewing Corner Part 1

Y'all asked for it so here it is!

My little sewing corner of bliss:

I'm still working out a few kinks but on a whole I like it. What you're looking at is the corner of our study - which SHOULD be the master bedroom in this teeny two bedroom apartment but, before moving in, my husband and I decided that we use far more room studying and sewing than sleeping so our bed's in the tiny room and our desks and all this stuff is here. I like it!

And for the tour part 1 - A General Overview

We bought the shelves specifically for this odd little nook. They're IKEA MALM shelves and I already had a good collection of MALM stuff from previous apartments (I love the flexibility) so we just worked out what would fit, figured out how much of that I already had, and bought the rest for less than $50. The white boxes are also from IKEA and are PERFECT for pattern storage. And the wooden drawer unit, guess where it's from? Yep, IKEA. I love that store.

On the top you can see my inkle loom, jar of thread, my two little girls Kit and Samantha (Samantha wearing a test garment from my own pattern) and a couple storage boxes. Below that is general sewing stuff storage - books, ribbons, lace, patterns, odds and ends, more patterns, sewing machines, and fabric.

Over to the left is my sewing table. It is NOT from IKEA and is, in fact, a piece of junk. Its only saving graces are that it's the right width and it was free. Even so, I keep hoping to replace it soon, not least because I really dislike sewing with the presser foot up on that ledge. But it is what it is for now ... one major expenditure at at time.

On the right is the ironing corner - to save space I have one of the over-the-door ironing boards. It's not ideal and no where near as nice as a standard free standing board but it's exactly what I need right now - small, out of the way, with a very small footprint.

Anyway, there's your preview of my sewing corner! I took a virtual roll of pictures and will load you up over the next few weeks on them but figured this week would be a good introduction/teaser for the later installments.


Rhoto said...

You've got a CUTE, very efficient use of your space here!! Enjoy!! (This teeny-weeny, make-do stage is part of the FUN of starting out, eh!! I've got a dedicated Sewing Studio now. And, someday, so will you.)
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal

narcissaqtpie said...

Great space!