Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beginning sewing video tutorials

I made up these videos in part because I could. I recently discovered the movie function on my little camera and, well, wanted to see what I could do with it. Anyway, since I'm proud of the videos I'm posting them here for others to marvel at - or at least watch if interested. :)

The three lesson videos cover the very very basics of sewing - straight lines, pivoting, and sewing along curves. In class these lessons came after a basic intro to the machine and I'd like to film that as well but then my memory card filled up and ever since I've been working on getting these videos converted, edited, and posted. To film I got both of my machines involved. My new Bernedette 55 got the spotlight (this time!) while I found that my old Viking worked fantastic as the tripod. It has two spool pegs on the back that help hold the camera at just the right angle to film. So file that under 101 alternative uses of the machine - as a tripod for a sewing show. :)

By the way, it's not easy to sew when there's a whole extra machine between you and your work. It's working for these intro sections but I might need to get a real and less obtrusive tripod and better camera before trying to sew zippers on film!

Back to the intro videos, here they are!


Introduction to our first lesson
Unfortunately my little camera's been having trouble with it's shutter - specifically, it only opens a crack without some encouragement. I filmed and refilmed this intro section four or five times and FINALLY got it right - only to realize that I'd forgotten to give the little shutters the nudge they need to open. So for all intents and purposes this intro is all audio, no video. That's not as bad as it sounds since, really, it's just me talking. Imagine me sitting somewhere (I vote for a nice tropical island or perhaps a luxury home in the mountains of California) and that'll take care of the visuals until I get over my disappointment enough to refilm this.

Lesson 1 - Sewing straight lines

Lesson 1 - Pivoting while sewing

Lesson 1 - Sewing along curves


Keely said...

Great videos! I'm going to show these to my daughters, especially the youngest. Well done sewing around another machine.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your videos, Very smart to start with just paper and I am glad to have the practice before I start truly sewing. I would really like to see more video tutorials.


Stacy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your videos!! I recently purchased a sewing machine and plan to take a few classes but your video tutorials helped to answer some of the questions I had! Thanks again!