Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Looking ahead to Sunday

Vacation was wonderful but it's equally wonderful being home again. I feel like such a picky person but I really was growing to hate public restrooms. I'm not sure what the problem is - after all, I used squatty potties in China so I should be ok with single-ply tissue in a slightly smelly restroom that's never heard of complimentary seat liners, right? But I'm not. Oh, well.

On brighter topics, my first sewing class starts this Sunday with two students. A third will be joining a week later. Not quite the start I was hoping for but, thinking about it, I think it's just right. Since I've never taught this sort of class before this should help me get familiar with it all. Still, I'm nervous and excited all in one bundle. Eek!

Yesterday I went to Joann's to pick up the last of the materials along with extra seam rippers. When checking out the sales associate asked what I was making and my husband started to tell her about the classes. She got really excited and began asking what levels I teach, where, would I be willing to teach others ... turns out they have a good number of people coming in asking about classes and, at the moment, NO ONE teaching any. Or at least no one they know. Unfortunately they don't have any room in the store for me to teach but, for now, my apartment should work. This was highly encouraging because I need a part-time job to pay for classes next semester but, since I'll already be taking 12 hours and working another 20 as a TA, it has to be a low-hour, higher-pay job. IF teaching sewing classes works out, that should fit the bill nicely. With 4 people per class (and my apartment can hold 8) my "salary" is right at $20 an hour (including prep time) and I'll only have to teach two classes at a time to break even. Thank heavens for scholarships, otherwise I'd still be in debt even with 8 sewing classes a week.

That's it, just thought I'd share about the developments!

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Keely said...

How exciting! I'm glad it's all working out for you and good luck with the lessons.