Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New(-ish) McCalls

So I'm a month late noticing these. A MONTH! Used to be I'd notice new patterns within a couple of hours of their release! Sad, sad, sad. I'm loosing my touch.

And there were some nice patterns in this as well - nothing that hit my MUST HAVE YESTERDAY button but some nice ones nonetheless.


I really like the faux top and high waist skirt look - no fussing with a top that wants to come untucked. Plus you know that, yes, that top does go with that bottom. I have such trouble with tops and skirts not quite working together. Am I the only one? I would like this pattern better if the top had sleeves and so was a bit more work appropriate (and by work, I mean "teaching adult classes and doing research in a freezing library" so I might be unique in my needs) and I really don't get why they want you to use knits. Yes, I know it means no darts in that skirt but it also means some bulges at the hip and thigh area. And it's got a zipper. In a knit dress. The main reason I make a knit dress is to avoid zippers. Oh, well. Good idea thought I'll probably pass due to those issues. However I can still admire the thought.


That massive cowl is calling to me. It's so fun and crazy and overdone that I just have to like it. The dress under it is less of a like - far too 80s sack with unflattering elastic waist for my taste. But the cowl...


Forget the pattern, I want the green plaid fabric! Seriously, though, that's a fantastic marriage of pattern and fabric. Love the bias cut of the ruffle, it adds a great girly kick to a beautiful, classic shape.


Beautiful, but one question: What's the difference between this Stitch and Save pattern...

and this full-priced one?
Same necklines. Same skirts. Same sleeves. Same pockets, even. As far as I can tell the only difference is that the full-priced one has a pattern for a belt (who makes those anyway?) and the SnS one doesn't. And the full priced one came out a year earlier which probably counts for something but still... this confuses me.

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