Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the cutting table: Simplicity 116

Image curtousey of Vintage Pattern Wiki

I want to test out this pattern before August so I pulled it out of the package and laid it out on some burgundy cotton that's been aging in my stash for far too long. The fabric might be a bit thick for this pattern but, well, we'll see. Worst case this muslin will just be about getting the fit right and perfecting (or at least working on) my shirt-making skills.

Interesting tidbits - the pattern was cut out before using pinking shears on the top half and regular shears the rest of the way. Also the pattern has a square of tissue with "Use to hold small pieces" printed on it. How cool is that? Unfortunately, while the previous owner carefully preserved all the small pieces (namely the back of the neck facing and the cuffs) they didn't preserve the long sleeves after cutting them off to make the short sleeve version. Oh nos! So I laid out the pattern anyway and through measuring the little pattern piece drawings, my arm, and doing some guesstimating I drew the longer sleeves directly on the fabric using a silver fabric pencil. We'll see how good my guess was soon!

I still have the front facings to cut out but I've tailor tacked the markings on all the other pieces and should be ready to sew 'er up tomorrow. Unfortunately my entire day kinda ground to a halt due to a stupid food allergy. I'm not certain what's causing it but every so often I'll eat something with whole grains of some sort and my body will just go three sorts of angry with me. Today I had granola cereal for breakfast and I'm still being punished for it. And it wasn't even very good granola! Drat. I've spent the evening alternating between curled up on a ball in the living room and curled up in a ball in the bedroom. Not. Fun.

Hopefully all will be better tomorrow (it can't last that long, can it? It wasn't even very much granola!) and I can get back to sewing! On top of this shirt I want to make a half dozen reusable grocery bags for my mom's birthday so gotta get started on those as well!

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