Friday, October 24, 2008

First Free-Style Friday sewing group!

We had our first bi-weekly Friday sewing group tonight and I think it was a success! Four sew-ers total, including myself, though I know others who wanted to come but had prior commitments. So it's a growing group. My little living room holds four machines, one cutting table, one ironing board, and two hand-sew-ers on the couch before feeling overly cramped so hopefully this'll work for us for a while. If we grow beyond that I might actually have to clean up the office/sewing room to make more space. And that's a scary, scary thought.

But back to tonight, it was really great to have time to just sit and craft without worrying about homework or housework or other things I "should" be doing. The others felt the same - especially the one with a two year old! She managed to get a baby blanket cut out, pinned up, and sewn up in the time here. Another got a baby hat partially knitted, another worked on a small ... something ... and I got my vampire hunter skirt cut out and I'm still sewing up the darts. Unfortunately I marked the darts on the wrong side so it's slow going. I really need to put it down for the night as I'm just plain beat. But it's a good beat after a good day with good sewing friends! :)

In the Dallas area? Comment and I can give you info about the next Friday Free Style sewing get-together!

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Sharon said...

Sounds like fun - if I was in Dallas I'd be stopping by. Isn't it wonderful to spend time with friends who enjoy sewing?