Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vampire hunter costume part 1b

It just occurred to me that I should give you pictures and an explanation about that shirt pattern since it's certainly different and was fun to figure out. I'll do that first thing tomorrow.

Until then, a question that's keeping me stalled for the skirt - front slit or side?

See, I want a straight, high waist skirt for the costume on the theory that my "athletic" thighs, larger bum, and small waist present a pants fitting triathlon that's simply not in this month's to-do list. So skirt it is. And what's sexier than a pencil skirt? A high waisted pencil skirt!* And what's sexier than a high-waist pencil skirt? A high waist pencil skirt with a thigh-high zipper slit!

At least that's the theory. But now I'm stuck on just where the slit should be. I first thought of putting it in the front left princess seam but that would require adding that seam to the basic skirt garment. I don't mind drafting a new seam (heck, it'd hardly be my garment if I didn't do SOME new seams), it's the look. I tend to look broader in skirts with two front seams. But then the skirt I'm wearing right now has princess seams and it looks fine ... but it's the exception. And who's to say this new skirt will be another exception? Maybe it'll ruin the whole look. Nooooo!

So side zipper? Think that would work? Would it be too inconspicuous? Would the skirt look too office-worthy? Would the slit on just the one side throw off the skirt balance?

So many questions!!! And I'm so horrid with visualizing these things. I really need to find some fabric for a test garment but my tiny stash hasn't yielded up any volunteers. Sigh. I might just have to guess and go. Any ideas?

* Though, in truth, the high waist is mostly to keep the lines clean since it'll be hidden under the corset. But I'll FEEL sexy and that's what matters.


laura said...

put your zipper slit on the side. Much sexier. Not an in your face here I am sexy; but a sideways come hither look. Make sense? Sides of thigh much more slender than a frontal view. My 2 cents worth.

Like the top. Very much.


Alicia said...

Thank you! I like come-hither sexy! :)