Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Pattern (Squee!!)

So ecstatic! I had this image in my mind of what my basic robe pattern could be and so last night I skipped a game night at church, pulled out the pattern, some tracing paper, and some old black knit I had and went at it and look what came out!!

This may be the most flattering item in my closet. The v-neck is so fabulous, the gathering just does the most amazing things for my figure, and the length makes my hips and thighs smaller and legs longer. Seriously, I think there's some magic happening. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can get a couple more of these cut out and posted on my Etsy shop. If I can bear to part with them!


Maja said...
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Maja said...

Lovely top! I'd never tell it started with a robe pattern.

Sorry for the deleted comment, something went wrong while I was trying to post it :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new top. You're right, it does wonderful things for you. Susan C