Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vampire hunter costume - update 2

Nearly done!

Still need to hem the skirt and slip, take out the zipper in the right side and just make it a high slit (good idea but the fabric's just too light and the zipper's messing up the lines), and sew on the buckles for the corset. Also add a few dangling straps to hook on various accessories like garlic, holy water squirt gun, flashlight, silver knife, powdered wolfsbane (well, powdered something since real wolfsbane is poisonous and powdered random tree leaves are cheaper), another knife on a garter, and whatever else one uses to kill a vampire and any other baddies one might run across.

Also need to see where we can get a toy crossbow - I really, really want one. It'd just be such a great extra for the costume and, well, fun to play with. DH's parents were going to send his old "toy" one but it's actually a real one made for squirrel hunting. Not what I want to be playing with in a crowded party.

Fabulous boots from Target. Heart!

Showing off the overall line. And, yes, that's an unhemmed skirt that bothers me each time I look at the pic. Sigh. In other news, this is the first time I've used eyeliner to outline all of my eye, rather than just a thin line on the top lid. I kinda like it. Very dramatic.

Buckles! I feel so steampunk-y.


Shannon said...

Love the costume! I wish I'd thought of something half as cool, but I've already made a flapper dress. You need a couple of wooden stakes to complete the look!

Alicia said...

*Gasp* I KNEW I was forgetting something! Thank you!

And flapper dresses are very cool - the one costume my mom made was a flapper dress with a matching baby flapper dress for me. :) I wore the seams off of hers growing up. Guess that should have clued me in that I'm a costume chick. :)