Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I decided to take the leap and try out Twitter. Other sellers on Etsy swear by it ... what they don't say is how to move from talking to yourself in little sound bytes to actually getting followers and sales. Apparently followers magically appear. Hm.

Maybe if I put out twitter entries for the cleaning fairies ....


Anyway, just in case this magical gathering of fans beings with a blog, my new twitter is And yes, it's mostly about my little shop so if you don't want to be marketed at then stay here and I'll try to be good and not let my two sewing lives (self and shop) bleed into each other too much. Will you mind if I do just a bit of showing off here, though? There's parts of my sewing shop life that're just more fun to share with other seamstresses than with potential buyers.

Off to do homework so I can justify sewing all day tomorrow..

Oh, and maybe cut out some felt for the first Free-Style Sewing Night I'm hosting on Friday. Partway through the evening I'm giving a demo on hand-embroidering little coasters and right now most of my would-be coasters are still one large piece of felt.

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Sharon said...

Welcome to Twitter. I did happen to notice a lot of Etsy sellers using Twitter. I guess it helps to get your name out anyway you can.