Thursday, October 02, 2008

Opening Day!

Cherry Lime Studios opened for business today! And I'm heading down to the apartment green space to get some more pictures of coasters - they just don't photograph well indoors, even with our south-facing window's blinds open so I haven't listed them yet. Plus I've got another robe to put up, again, just need to get photographic evidence that it exists.

Unfortunately the part of my day that wasn't taken up by setting up shop didn't go very well. I had plans to make another couple sets of coasters and a robe. Well, one coaster came together well... the others kept having just about any trouble they could. I still have red ink all over my fingers. Blech.

So moved on to some little eye masks. Wow, those turned out terribly. Really terribly. Ok, cross those of the list of products.

On to robe. Those are easy, I can whip one up in my sleep.

Or maybe not.

First I serged one shoulder seam wrong - right side to wrong side. Grr. Seam rip, which, btw, is seriously annoying when it's a serged seam. Finish that, serge second shoulder seam, everything's going well, then -arg- the serger decides to do something and attempt to eat the fabric. Save fabric but must rethread serger. Three times. And no, I don't have air-threading. I have fingers. That's it.


So get serger working and finish shoulder seam. No problems. Move on to armcyc. Sew it up, everything looking fine ... OH NO! Sewed right sides to right sides. This is SO the last time I'm making a solid-color robe, from now all all right and wrong sides will be visible from 100 yards.

So now I've seamripped the serged armcyc and I'm putting this away for the evening. No more chances to mess up! Some days I just shouldn't bother!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the opening and condolences on the frustrations! I checked out your shop and the robes and coasters look fantastic! Ever plan on selling the robe pattern?

- Mellie

Jennifer said...

Great shop! I love the pink chocolate robe. And hope that your next sewing goes far better!