Wednesday, October 10, 2007

40s Nostalgia

With everything going on this month we completely forgot about the Hanger Dance! Live swing band, vintage airplanes, and so many people decked out in the neatest retro garb. Wes (aka Dear Hubby) and I went with a group two years ago before we started dating and it was so much fun. I went in a dress that was more 40s inspired than actually vintage and I keep hoping, one of these years, to rectify that. Unfortunately this year won't be it, we're too busy and most of our swing friends have moved or married non-swingers or are too busy. So this is just pure dreaming which has the benifit of being far cheaper and faster than actually making the dresses. On the other hand, I LIKE making them ... oh, well. Later!


Isn't that girl on the right featured in Threadbared?

Well, odd pose or not, isn't that dress on the right just perfect for some swinging? Imagine it in a navy blue crepe with cream sleeve and pocket, paired with a little blue hat, cream gloves, and navy purse. Or would that be navy gloves with a cream purse? Or a whole different color all together? I really need to try these things out in life, my imagination doesn't do visuals all that well. Still, after a few glove/purse/shoe combos I'm sure you could get just the right mix to look completely in the period.

I also like the printed cottons the dress is modeled in. What I DON'T like are all those ruffles on the left dress. I know they're cute, I know they're period but I just don't like ruffles. Oh, well.

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