Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mental Health Day

Yesterday while cleaning out the fridge I stood up a little too quickly and met the fridge door. Hard. I'm still dizzy, a little weak, and having trouble focusing my eyes today. Since most of those symptoms are also common to me when I'm exhausted (which I am, it's been a rough week), my guess is that the head injury is just a small part but I'm using the excuse to take a mental health day off from work. Unfortunately instead of sewing I need to spend the time collating some Greek manuscripts for class. Right now I'm going through Codex Sinaiticus (pictures of it, not the original!) and matching it with a newly produced critical edition of the Majority Text and seeing where they differ. All this is being done so that we can see if some newly discovered manuscripts are more like the text of Sinaiticus or the Majority Text. It's pretty tedious work since most differences are spelling - the difference between the American "theater" and the British "theatre." At the same time it's oddly exciting. I love reading the New Testament as it was written (by hand!) well over 1000 years ago. It's amazing how perfect most of the writing is and to think about how much a labor of love it must have been to some scribe (at least you hope!). So anyway, off to do that. I might post more vintage fun later, we'll see how the head's doing!


Mary T said...

Hope you are better soon - good to find your blog. I took enough "religion" electives at LSU to almost have a minor. I loved the New Testament classes, and my favorite was History of Religion in the US. Fascinating.
I want to see your sewing area!

Alicia said...

Mary, good to see you! Last year I took church history II which covers Christianity in America from the pilgrims onward and it's amazing - so many things that modern churches regard as "just the way things are" or "the only way to do it" are SO cultural and, often, come out of some pretty crazy backgrounds. Such neat stuff. :)