Thursday, October 11, 2007

40s Senior High

Isn't this the cutest little top/skirt combo? I especially love the green and brown version. It's more of a high-school senior dress than a hanger dance dress but I still love it.
(from Out of the Ashes Collectibles)
If I were to make this (in, of course, my large, well lit, and always organized sewing studio, where it's always spring outside and french doors overlook a well-tended herb and flower garden) I'd probably start with a brown wool flannel for the body of the dress and crisp cream cotton for the collar and sleeves, giving it a cute jumper look. Then I'd start experimenting with stripes on the bias, maybe go a little crazy with quilting cotton like this from with solid color collar and sleeves. Because print to print matching should only be done by a professional and numerous attempts have shown I'm not quite at that level. Actually I'm more of a thrice-over remedial student in that area ... there's a reason my stash and closet are almost all solids! Still, in my imaginary studio I'm sure I'd suddenly be inspired to print-matching genius and come up with the perfect combination!

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